Sterling Silver Morse Code Diffuser Necklace

  • $39.99

Dots and Dashes

​If you’re looking for a diffuser necklace that’s totally unique and really expresses the personality of the person wearing it, this is the necklace you want. 

Morse code has been around since the 1800s. Each letter and number is represented with a series of dots and dashes. Paper & Pretties Morse code diffuser necklaces use sterling silver beads to represent these characters, with lava stones separating each coded letter. 

​Dits and Dahs

​Whether it’s the names of your children, your anniversary date, or a single word that really resonates with you, whatever you want to say, say it in code! Choose from some of our more popular options or feel free to select one of the custom options and we’ll create your own unique Morse code diffuser necklace. Just leave a note in the “Note to Seller” section during the check-out process to let us know what you’d like. If you'd like more words added to a necklace than what's listed, please feel free to contact us with your request. 

The single-word Morse code diffuser necklace featured here says blessed and the three-word necklace has the names Mia, Aiden, and Noah. Refer to our Morse code chart to get an idea on what yours will look like. 

The chain is 18” and made with 925 sterling silver and coated with rhodium, which prevents the sterling silver from oxidizing. All other materials used in this necklace are sterling silver and lava stone.