Diffuser Jewelry 101

Essentail Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry

What is Diffuser Jewelry?

​Great question! Simply put, diffuser jewelry allows you to enjoy the benefits of your favourite essential oils all day, wherever you go, without needing to apply the oils directly to your skin. 

In order for a piece of diffuser jewelry to work well, it needs a way to absorb the oil and a means to slowly release the scent. Paper & Pretties uses three different products in its jewelry that does this job well: lava stones; terracotta; and wool balls. Each product provides a very distinct look to the jewelry it’s paired with. In our experience, of the three products, the wool balls seem to do the best job at absorbing and releasing the scent of essential oils throughout the day, which is one reason our Caged Wool Diffuser Necklaces are so popular. With that being said, the lava stone and terracotta are also tried and true ways to diffuse essential oils, so you can be confident in knowing that whichever diffuser jewelry you choose to wear, it will work well.

​How to Use Your Diffuser Jewelry

​Even if you haven’t discovered or fallen in love with essential oils, Paper & Pretties products look so great, they can be worn as non-diffuser jewelry. Their versatility is one of the reasons why they make awesome gifts!

It’s super easy to use your diffuser jewelry. Just add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the lava stone, terracotta pendant, or wool ball and allow to absorb. That’s it!

​Changing Essential Oils and Adding More

​You’ll want to add another drop of essential oil to your diffuser jewelry once the scent starts to fade. How often this is done will depend on the quality of essential oil you’re using as well as the product that you’re adding the oil to (the wool balls, for example, release a stronger scent for a longer period of time compared to the lava stone or terracotta). Typically, you’ll want to reapply the oil every 2-5 days. 

You can switch essential oils whenever you like, but if you don’t want a blend of oils in your diffuser jewelry, simply wait until the scent of the first oil has disappeared. 

​Caring for Your Diffuser Jewelry

Because of the absorbent nature of the lava stones, terracotta, and wool balls, we recommend you try to keep your jewelry dry. If you do accidentally get it wet, just hang it to dry completely before adding more essential oil. 

In order to protect your jewelry and clothing, we also recommend that you try to avoid getting oil on any part of the jewelry other than the lava stone, terracotta, or wool ball. If you do happen to get oil on other parts of the jewelry, you can easily wipe it off using a paper towel or cloth.