Galileo Diffuser Bracelet

Galileo Diffuser Bracelet

  • $21.99

Saturn’s Ears

Galileo Galilei first observed Saturn’s rings in 1610 but didn’t know what they were. He even referred to them as Saturn’s ears. After creating these diffuser bracelets, we felt they resembled Saturn and its rings, so decided to name them after the astronomer. 

The Galileo Diffuser Bracelet is made with 8mm lava stones, a silver-plated 15mm x 20mm bead, and a 10mm bead that is made from stone, glass, or wood. The bracelets are approximately 18.5cm but because they're made with a strong, stretchy band, they're great for multiple wrist sizes. They're like yoga pants for your wrist! If you would like a different size, please feel free to contact us!

The center bead options are:
  • Blue Neon Frosted Crystal
  • Burly Wood
  • Frosted Howlite
  • Fancy Jasper
  • Frosted Unakite
  • Red Stabilized Turquoise 
  • Frosted Opalite 
  • Caribbean Sea Two-Toned Glass
  • Picture Jasper
  • Cotton Candy Jade

If you have a favourite stone not shown here, feel free to get in touch, we may be able to make it just for you!