Genuine 7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelet

Genuine 7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelet

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Nothing But The Best

​Add essential oils to your Genuine 7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelet to help balance your chakras. Each bracelet is handmade using real 8mm frosted matte gemstones and lava stones. The gemstones and lava stones we use in our chakra bracelets are carefully chosen. As each and every stone is unique, we select ones that complement the others. Our Genuine 7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelets look stunning and feel wonderful. 

Customizing Your Chakra Bracelet

​Sometimes we feel a strong pull towards a certain type of stone and we’d love to help accommodate that desire. Please feel free to email us if you’d like to replace an existing gemstone with a different one. We will do our best to create the perfect chakra bracelet for you.

The Seven Chakras

​Here is a summary of each of the seven chakras, including the gemstone we use in our Genuine 7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelets and some essential oil recommendations for each chakra. Like with all of our diffuser jewelry, please research the essential oil you intend to add to your jewelry to determine whether it’s appropriate for topical application.

Muladhara Chakra
Also known as: Root Chakra or Base Chakra
Location: Base of spine
Chakra colour: Red
Essential oils: Frankincense, sandalwood
Gemstone: Frosted garnet

Svadhisthana Chakra
Also known as: Sacral Chakra
Location: Lower abdomen, below the navel 
Chakra colour: Orange
Essentail oils: Sandalwood, ylang ylang 
Gemstone: Carnelian 

Manipura Chakra
Also known as: Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: Upper abdomen, stomach 
Chakra colour: Yellow
Essential oils: Cedarwood
Gemstone: Golden Tiger’s Eye  

Anahata Chakra
Also known as: Heart Chakra
Location: Over the heart, center of the chest
Chakra colour: Green
Essential oils: Lavender, ylang ylang
Gemstone: Frosted Aventurine 

Vishuddha Chakra
Also known as: Throat Chakra
Location: Throat
Chakra colour: Blue
Essential oils: Sandalwood
Gemstone: Blue Apatite 

Ajna Chakra
Also known as: Third Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra  
Location: Forehead, between the eyes
Chakra Colour: Indigo
Essential oils: Helichrysum
Gemstone: Amethyst

Sahaswara Chakra
Also known as: Crown Chakra
Location: Top of the head
Chakra Colour: Violet or white
Essential oils: Frankincense, lavender
Gemstone: Moonstone