I Love Oils Make-And-Take Essential Oil Car Diffuser Kit

  • $64.99

Showing Your Love for Essential Oils

Looking for a fun make-and-take class idea and a way to show off your love for oils? Our I Love Oils Make-And-Take Essential Oil Car Diffuser Kit comes with everything you need to make six beautiful car diffusers, as well as six 1ml glass bottles you can use to share samples of your favourite essential oils. 

We offer two versions of this kit: 

The Wooden Beads option includes 10mm natural wooden beads, which look fantastic as they are or, if you’re feeling extra crafty and want to add some personalization to your car diffusers, you can decorate your beads using markers or paints (not included). 

The Recycled Glass Beads version of this make-and-take kit comes with multicoloured 10mm recycled glass beads that were handmade in Ghana, Africa. Every bead is unique and they vary slightly in size and shape, adding a touch of uniqueness to each car diffuser.

We know how easy it is to drop a bead on the ground, never to see it again. Seriously, they’re like miniature Harry Houdinis. Where do they even go? We want your diffusers to look exactly as you’ve envisioned them to be and don’t want a rogue bead or two to ruin that for you, so your kit will also include a few extras, just in case.

Here’s a breakdown of what your I Love Oils Make-And-Take Essential Oil Car Diffuser Kit includes:
  • 6 natural kiln-fired terracotta clay hearts, approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm
  • 6 waxed cotton cords with magnetic clasps (already attached)
  • 18 10mm wooden beads OR 18 10mm recycled glass beads
  • 6 empty 1ml essential oil glass bottles
  • 6 Paper & Pretties info cards which include instructions on how to use your diffuser jewelry (great for those making these as gifts)
  • Instructions on how to make the essential oil car diffusers
  • A few extra beads, just in case!
Looking for car diffusers that have already been made? You can find those here. And don’t forget to take advantage of our wholesale discounts if you’re buying multiple kits! Even better, we offer $4 flat rate shipping regardless of order size!