Paper & Pretties Surprise Packs

Paper & Pretties Surprise Packs

  • $19.99

Surprises Are So Exciting!

​Paper & Pretties Surprise Packs are so much fun! Can’t decide which essential oil diffuser jewelry to order? Like surprises? Love an amazing deal? All of the above? These are for you!

What They Are NOT

Paper & Pretties Surprise Packs: 
  • Do NOT include defective or imperfect products  
  • Do NOT contain duplicate items
  • Do NOT include weird sizes that nobody can wear

What They ARE

Paper & Pretties Surprise Packs:
  • DO contain products that add up to a value higher than the price paid
  • DO include products that are handcrafted and made with love
  • DO include a variety of items in standard sizes

What They MAY Be

Paper & Pretties Surprise Packs:
  • MAY include products shown on our website
  • MAY include products not shown on our website
  • MAY include a combination of jewelry and handmade cards

You'll LOVE Your Surprise Pack!

​When you’re spoiled for choice, sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to order, which is just one of the reasons Paper & Pretties Surprise Packs are so awesome. They are available in multiple sizes and prices, making them a great option for everyone. They also make fantastic gifts!

Although we cannot guarantee which products are included in Surprise Packs—what would be the fun in that?—you’re welcome to leave us a note when checking out to let us know what your favourite, and least favourite, colours are, as well as which Paper & Pretties products are your favourite. You never know, you may just get what you wish for! 

Show Us What You've Got

​We LOVE seeing customer photos! When you receive your Surprise Pack, please feel free to snap a photo and share it with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter