Turquoise & Lava Stone Diffuser Jewelry Set

Turquoise & Lava Stone Diffuser Jewelry Set

  • $33.99

​Beautifully Paired, With or Without Oils

​If you want to purchase a jewelry set for someone who you’re unsure of whether they’re into essential oils, this is a great option. Its pieces are so beautiful, they don’t even need to be labelled as diffuser jewelry. 

The black veins in the 8mm stabilized turquoise pair so well with the black lava stones. The earrings are sterling silver and the bracelet is made with a super-strong and stretching band that make it easy to slip on and off. You can also buy these pieces individually:

Turquoise & Lava Stone Diffuser Earrings
Natural Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelets

​What is Stabilized Turquoise?

​Natural turquoise is soft, porous, and can be quite difficult to work with. Stabilizing turquoise creates a stone that is easier to cut, drill, and polish and delivers a product that is much more durable and consistent in colour. As its name suggests, the process makes the stone a lot more stable.